1925 Maxwell

1925 Maxwell Vintage Automobile

The Maxwell was manufactured in the USA from about 1904 to 1925. The current successor to the Maxwell Company is Chrysler Group.  
The company started as the Maxwell-Briscoe Company founded in Tarrytown, NY. In 1907, after a fire destroyed the location, the company rebuilt the largest automobile factory in the world in New Castle, IN. Maxwell was considered one of the top 3 automobile companies in America along with Buick and Ford for a time.  
In 1925, Chrsyler formed their own company, The Chrysler Corporation. During that same year, the Maxwell line was phased out and the company was absorbed by Chrysler. 
The Maxwell was featured in the 1920's film, Something New, in which Nell Shipman and Bert Van Tuyle escape a group of Mexican bandits by racing the car across the Mexican badlands where they encounter boulders, rocky hills and all sorts of rough terrain. The Maxwell is by far the star of this film!

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